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Nanonord is a company strongly connected to research and university science, specialized in the development of real time, on line, analysis systems as well as cloud applications for shipping companies, power plants and water industries. Through a long time collaboration with Aarhus University of Denmark and with passion for innovation, the company continuously develops and manufactures state of the art, on line analyzers for the measurement of the content of different chemical elements in oil or water.

High concentration of catfines is proved to be the most common factor for engine cylinder liner damage and wear. Classic methods of sampling the fuel can be very risky because of the time needed to get the results, especially when sailing in rough seas and there is intense mixing at the bottom of the settling tanks causing high catfines concentrations to enter the Main Engine.

This makes continuous online monitoring more than indispensable as it allows preventing crucial damages and preserve the cylinder line lifetime.

CatGuard is a proven system using NMR measurement technology, that offers a revolution on board since 2008, completely changing fuel treatment as we know it and allows you for the first time to really measure the separators efficiency. Catguard continuously monitors the catfines concentration on chosen sampling points of fuel line and gives the crew the opportunity to take immediate actions like:

  1. Reducing the throughput – allowing for a minimum overflow of the service tank.
  2. Drastically reducing the throughput – by putting all purifiers into service, in parallel
  3. Increasing the separation temperature - to above-normal levels for a brief period
-Actions in detail are presented in this flow graph: http://www.nanonord.dk/pdf/purification_checklist.pdf

CatGuard Solo, with its 5 ppm precision at 4 hours sampling frequency , is considered as an engine system safety and money saving upgrade. It can be applied both for new-buildings and retrofits, since its size is extremely compact (88X65X25cm, 60kg) and marks a new era of technology for every modern fleet.