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Schniewindt was founded in 1829 in Westphalia and is a performance-based, independent family business.

Since the invention of the "Schniewindt grid" in 1902 they have manufactured electric high-voltage resistors and are thus one of the leading suppliers of electrical equipment for energy distribution.

Through the use of advanced process technologies Schniewindt continuously develops its products according to the needs of the customers. With their global partnerships, they are among the leading manufacturers of high performance electrical resistors and of equipment and systems for electrical heating equipment for industrial and commercial purposes.

Schniewindt heating technology includes the development, production and sale of heaters for heating gases, liquids and solids. Also in areas exposed to explosion hazard and firedamp, these devices reflect their knowledge. With complete systems including electronic controls and pumps, they offer process-optimised and energy-efficient solutions from a single source.