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Hydramotion’s mission is to take viscosity measurement from the lab to the places it is needed most – on the line, in the field, at the site. And where the lab is still a feature, to radically alter the way fluids are tested and transform the throughput speed. This manifesto is the basis of their range of products. A viscometer for every application, in any fluid and any location. Viscosity for everyone.”
Hydramotion pioneered the modern resonator design to overcome the limitations of traditional methods and earlier vibrational probes.
Their viscometers have huge benefits: high accuracy, robustness and virtually no maintenance. They have driven resonator technology to the point where on-line viscosity is an attractive and affordable option for all industries.
They understand the power of measuring viscosity in the process. It’s about reaching deep into the fluid and giving the operator, plant manager, or researcher a precise understanding of what is happening to their product in microscopic detail. And doing this instantly, in all conditions including incredibly fast and turbulent flow. Molecular precision in the eye of a storm.