KELVION Plate Cooler, NT50X H, 14Pl., TITAN

Part no. 100050404


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Plate heat exchanger with titanium plates for cooling the MGO, using seawater as cooling medium


cooling 4,00 m³/h MGO (from 55,00 °C to 36,00 °C)

Cooling medium: seawater, 4,00 m³/h (from 34,00 °C to 41,72 °C)

Number of plates: 14

Plate material/Thickness: Titanium/0.5mm

Gasket material: NBR

Design Pressure Max (pri/sec): 10,00 / 10,00 barg

Design Temperature Max (pri/sec): 70,00/70,00°C

Weight: 166kg

Dimensions: 1390mm H x 323mm W x 490mm L